6 Feb 2017

Why Users Are Migrating From HubSpot to WordPress?

HubSpot and WordPress, both are great and have their pros & cons. However, many businesses are migrating from HubSpot to WP for various reasons. There are some valid reasons behind HubSpot users for leaning more towards WordPress. Though HubSpot has been a charming place for businesses to grow and equipped with sophisticated tools,still businesses are slowly migrating to WP. In other words, WP is slowly gaining steam and shrinking the HubSpot user base. You might be wondering what’s behind this massive shift? Let’s find out the reasons which are pushing HubSpot users to migrate their business to WordPress.

1. WP Seems Better Blogging Platform!

Many newbie bloggers have started out on HubSpot seeing it as an alternative to WordPress. However, their trust has shaken over time. In other words, HubSpot is unlike WP that offers simple blogs. HubSpot is a right platform for those who are already generating a steady income which newbies realized over time. Moreover, beginners with a limited budget for inbound marketing can hardly survive on HubSpot. On the other hand, there stands a blogging giant, WP, that offers endless possibilities for beginners in blogging. This factor encouraged users for HubSpot to WordPress conversion.

2. HubSpot Lacks Server Ownership!

Wishing to get the server ownership? This is where HubSpot lacks miserably. If you are a HubSpot user, you know that you can’t own the software which is a serious drawback. Probably, this is the reason businesses migrating from HubSpot to WP. If you find yourself in the same situation, you should better look for HubSpot to WordPress conversion. Having a full ownership of your digital assets has its own charm, but keep in your mind that HubSpot doesn’t offer that.

3. WP Offers Easy Usage Where HubSpot Struggles!

WordPress offers an “ease of use” for beginners whereas HubSpot is overwhelming. HubSpot isn’t a platform that you can get familiar with easily. On the contrary, WP’s features and writer-friendly editing tools come handy and have always been applauded. Also, for the newly started eCommerce stores, WordPress offers Woo-Commerce plugin that empowers more than 30 percent of online stores. While beginners may find HubSpot a bit complicated and this could be the reason for their HubSpot to WordPress conversion.

4. Comparison of Annual Costs for HubSpot and WordPress!

WordPress +
Gravity Forms,
& WP Engine
Core Software $9,600 Free
Website Hosting Included in Above $1,188
Content Management System $2,400 Free
Advanced Form Management Included in Above $99
5,000 Email Subscribers $2,400 $600
Dedicated IP Address $6,000 $60
Mandatory Training (required 1st year only) $2,000 Not Required
Total $20,200 $1,947

As depicted in the table, the WordPress gains a huge leap over HubSpot when it comes to pricing. Favoring WP over HubSpot makes you a profit of over $18K in the very first year and the savings go on year after year if you continue with WordPress. Take a sneak peek at the comparison chart of annual costs for WordPress & HubSpot!

5. HubSpot and WordPress Functional Comparison!

WordPress +
Gravity Forms,
& WP Engine
Mobile Responsive
SEO Friendly Architechure
In Content Keyword Suggestions
On-Page SEO Scoring
Social Media Sharing
Call to Actions
Landing Pages
Form Management
A/B Testing
List Building
Email Nurturing
Lead Push to Salesforce
Website Analytics
Conversion and Goal Tracking
Website Staging for Development
Daily Backups
Firewall Protection
Malware Scanning
SSL Surcharge $60
Managed Upgrades $2,000 Not Required
Available Functional Extensions Unknown Over 33,000

As the chart illustrates, the WordPress gains the competitive edge for businesses as it offers more than 33K additional plugins where HubSpot fails miserably. Keep in note that the 33K no. just talks about the free plugins and not the premium ones, so the possibilities are endless in WP. Considering the functionalities, WP wins over HubSpot by a landslide.

6. HubSpot is a Good Solution and HubSpot is a Bad Solution

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