8 Feb 2017

Why Shopify is The Best Deal For Startup Businesses?

Wondering if a SHOPIFY ONLINE STORE would be a right platform for your startup business? In fact, it is. The SHOPIFY ECOMMERCE store offers tons of must-have features to give wings to your business aspirations. The “WoW” part is the price factor which is as low as $29/- per month. With a gamut of eCommerce features in your hand, getting started on Shopify just takes a couple of minutes. Falling in love with the glittering user-interface of Shopify is obvious.

Impressed with the beautiful look of your online store, anyone landing on your website won’t mind becoming your customer. Let’s show you how Shopify is the right platform for your small e-Commerce business.

1. No Coding Skills Required!

Easy-To-Use functionality that’s what Shopify is known for and many small businesses endorse its charm. You don’t have to be techie to access Shopify. No technical skills required to control features on Shopify. Thus, it would be the best deal for a startup business like yours as it won’t make you befuddle with the complexities of the platform. Everything to set up your store is right there on the dashboard, so no more confusions. Just simple navigation system to accomplish any task on the eCommerce platform.

2. Just 3 Steps To Launch Your Online Store!

Setting up your SHOPIFY ONLINE STORE takes just 3 steps to go. Simply upload your products, bespoke your store’s design and lastly set up your business domain. That’s all, folks! Simple, isn’t it? Just 3 steps to get a contemporary online store with a glittering design and packed with powerful features to kick-start your dreams of earning high returns. Going live with the online shop can be accelerated to many folds if you already have product descriptions and images in your hand. When on Shopify, be worry-free for choosing a theme that has a positive impact as there are hundreds of ready-made themes for you to pick from. Just install your logo and you are ready to hit the floor.

3. Beginner Friendly eCommerce Features & Tools!

The SHOPIFY ECOMMERCE store empowers your business with powerful eCommerce features that you won’t find in a conventional online store. These features are powerful enough to develop, manage and grow your online business to new heights. From analytics to the shopping cart, Shopify has got it all for you. Just look for a plan that suits your needs and marketing goals. With an ease of accepting credit/debit card and PayPal payments, it encourages a painless checkout process for your customers.

4. 24/7 Customer Support On Shopify!

Though handling Shopify online store comes as a breeze, but still, you may need help or assistance at times. When it comes to customer support, Shopify leads the way. With a dedicated 24/7 customer support, you would never feel alone while building your online store on Shopify.

Last but not least, the Shopify is an ideal platform for any startup business that has a limited budget for development, initially! No coding skills required, that means a perfect choice for novices like you who don’t want to climb the tough terrain that’s surrounded with complex codes. Simple drag and drop features come in an affordable budget that pave your way to open up your online store in the shortest time possible. Just make sure that you ask for a Shopify certified eCommerce development company to experience online store development process without any hassles.

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