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Tech Striker Rises Up in Clutch Coverage of SEO Companies Worldwide

Tech Striker Rises Up in Clutch Coverage of SEO Companies Worldwide

Recently, our company has been featured among the world’s leading digital services companies by Clutch, a ratings and review company based in Washington, D.C. Clutch is a third party reviews site that researches B2B service providers and provides rankings based on their expertise in their respective industries. Now that we are included on their platform, our team at Tech Striker is able to see how we compare to similar firms on their site.

When reviewing a company to provide accurate ratings, a major tool that their team uses is the direct feedback from these providers’ former clients. Clutch analysts interview these former partners directly to gauge the relationship they had with the provider, and how well they were able to provide a solution for their company. Based on the feedback of our clients, we have been moving up the ranks on the Clutch database and are regarded among the best SEO companies in the Indian market!

In addition to seeing how we compare to other agencies, our profile on Clutch offers an overview of who we are, specific projects we’ve worked on, and direct testimonials from our former clients. As a company that focuses on building positive relationships with our clients and offering the best services, having such positive reviews on our page is especially encouraging.

Take a look at the first review we’ve gathered on their platform:

“Tech Striker’s clear structuring of their processes makes them stans out”

Our recognition from Clutch serves as a great tool for us to measure where we are in the web development and web design markets, and it helps us learn about what we can do to move forward in the future. As we continue to make our mark within Clutch and move up their ranks, we’re eager to also be included on their sister websites, The Manifest and Visual Objects, as a leading web design company in India. These two sites are additional tools that break down industry reports, shortlists of companies in different areas, and provides actual examples of their work.

We look forward to taking on new projects and continuing to boost our position on Clutch as a leading digital design agency. These recent accolades are a great note to end the year on, and we eagerly look forward to all that we can achieve in 2019!

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