Tech Striker offers technology leverage for all those entrepreneurs who are hoping to amplify their ROI.

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Reputation Management

Build and Manage Reputation

TechStriker can build a strong and positive reputation for your business over SERPS and social media platforms. Concrete brand image can attract your prospective customers instantly.

Increase accessibility

Promote your brand’s positive image. TechStriker can make your brand more accessible and customer-friendly entity. It is useful to repair and reverse negative reviews.


Your consumer does not like to feel as if they are shouting in a void. We’ll reply to each comment appropriately and also provide additional clarification if needed.


Customer support is our first priority. We will respond quickly and accurately to all your customer's questions.


We understand the importance of personal touch. We always allocate a dedicated account manager for better coordination.


Our daily, weekly & monthly updates help you to track manage reputation, strengthen brand engagement and loyalty.

We Do

What We Do

Consolidate Your Brand Presence

Help Your Brand Recover From A Pr Crisis

Help You Seek New Opportunities

Offer Guaranteed Results

Highly Competitive Costing


Don’t let a bad review or comment affect your business growth


Ready to Speak with Our Marketing Expert? We’ll take your brand reputation to the next level.

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"Techstriker provided better than expected results and was very understanding and accommodating of the flexibility of the project. They will get the work done on time with quality. "

Augustus Martin