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    How do you combine 2 hubspot portals to grow your business?

    HubSpot Portals

    How do you combine 2 hubspot portals to grow your business?

    Any business, regardless of size, should conserve as much cash as possible. And it will only help if they can effectively manage their data and resources. One of the better options for this would be to use the HubSpot Enterprise license. Suppose you are in charge of two brands on two different HubSpot sites. Now, you desire to manage these two brands using a single enterprise-licensed interface that offers effective asset segmentation for both companies. In that case, data migration from the two outdated HubSpot portals into a new single HubSpot Enterprise portal can be the key. HubSpot Migration makes it simple to transfer data between portals, whether you’re moving from WordPress to HubSpot, your current CRM to HubSpot, or even HubSpot to HubSpot.

    Merging hubspot portals to boost business

    Here is a thorough explanation of how you may meet the requirements of merging two portals and also a list of the assets that caused concern:


    In the new portal, you can develop over 550 automated emails, including transactional, nurture, announcement, discount, pre-departure, thank-you emails, emails that send brochures for making a reservation, etc. You can develop intelligent emails based on list memberships to present various info to contacts subscribed to various lists. Additionally, user-friendly custom modules can also be developed. When a particular brand is chosen from the module in the drag-and-drop editor, these bespoke modules display specific content. You can add more features to your blog, websites, or emails using the design manager tool. Complete content customization is possible in the page, email, or blog editor with HubSpot custom modules.


    Personalized tokens will be needed while the emails are being prepared. You can utilize HubSpot properties for this. In HubSpot, records have what is referred to as “properties” that may be used to hold data. The field type you select when creating a custom property in HubSpot relies on the data you wish to gather and store. For some field kinds, modifying the property’s settings or type is possible after it has been created.


    CTAs may generate significant traffic, purchases, and growth from emails to landing pages and websites. CTAs are required by businesses to increase sales from their target market. For this, you can create 50+ simple and clever CTAs dependent on list membership. The HubSpot team can also include many redirection URLs in a single CTA with numerous permutations for various lists.

    Placement pages

    Any firm must have landing pages. Landing pages are crucial for increasing traffic and generating conversions, particularly in the travel sector. For company websites, HubSpot enables you to develop personalized landing pages. For example, you can produce 250+ landing pages, ranging from straightforward to intricate. Using HubSpot, countless options exist for developing unique modules and landing sites. These can be utilized once more for any upcoming templates.


    Workflows increase effectiveness, output, and consistency, aiding businesses in growing their company. You can use it to move records from one process to another, set/copy apparent properties, and nurture leads through emails, among other things.

    Templates and snippets

    Creating messages repeatedly takes time, and there are a lot of other chores that need to be attended to in any organization. With pre-made templates and snippets, HubSpot Sales Hub makes it simple to streamline communication workflows.


    Today, it is crucial for any firm to assist clients with their questions during live chats and interactions. HubSpot enables real-time communication between website users and staff members for prompt assistance and positive customer experiences.

    Special object

    You may represent and organize CRM data in line with the unique needs of your business by creating custom objects. New CRM objects, their properties, and their connections to existing CRM objects are all defined using the Custom Objects API. The HubSpot team can develop bespoke objects to meet business needs. It enables businesses to adapt the CRM to their specific business requirements and data architectures.

    Hub DB tables

    Hub DB tables function similarly to spreadsheets since they let you create data-storing tables. It may be tailored to fit company requirements and is accessible via HubSpot and the Hub DB API. The HubSpot team can generate two Hub DB tables that you may use to dynamically push information for both brands into emails, office addresses, corresponding footer modules, etc. They will be able to save, filter, and show data on the pages of their HubSpot websites using Hub DB.


    You can scale up your business by combining two old HubSpot portals into a single HubSpot Enterprise portal with the appropriate help and HubSpot services. Try employing HubSpot-certified experts who can assist you with anything you need to expand your company. Get a consultation with one of the HubSpot experts if you still have questions about which CRM and CMS to employ or how to maximize your HubSpot system.