3 Jan 2018

Hottest Web Design Trends That Will Rule 2017!

The IT industry is evolving at a faster pace than ever. Who knows if the WEB DESIGN TRENDS that you were following last year will go fade in 2017. In no time, trends are shown the doors to exit. As 2017 has already rolled up, web design industry is set to keep the pace with the technology to achieve better customer experience. Set to sail your digital success with us by equipping your websites with the latest buzz in the market. Be onboard with Tech Striker to take a sneak peek at the latest furore in website designing.

1. Vibrant Colors & Typography Still Trending!

Web industry was heavily dominated by the bold color tunes in 2016 and the same WEB DESIGN TRENDS are going to continue forward in 2017 also. The online world will be going to brighten up with super rich colored themes that will sparkle the user interfaces. These vibrant hues have thrilled us with their presence and you will see these vivid color palettes in this year as well. Don’t shy utilizing these bold gradients in User Interfaces to spell magic on your customers. Furthermore, bold Typography is decorating the websites with a personality, so don’t mind adding one into your website as 2017 will be the year of handcrafted designs.

2. Mobile-First Design Will Rule!

Mobile websites/responsive designs have been creating a buzz on the streets for years. However, in 2017, the predictions are that this trend is going to take even a bigger uptake. What you will see around is progressive web apps and accelerated mobile pages. Using these progressive web apps, you could give your users the best web experience, regardless the size of their devices. Align your designs with the shift in technology and 2017 will be all yours in the online world.

3. Bespoke Illustration Will Change The Game!

Gone are the days when users had to research imageries, icons and videos that make them understand the product in the best possible manner. Nowadays, these things have been flipped to the service provider as the customer seeks authenticity. User expectations are growing steadily from the brands they use, so giving them the best concise information through infographics does make a sense. Put animated elements, creative visuals and beautiful icons in your infographics to let users understand your message while enjoying visuals.

Altogether, 2017 will be a year of clean web design movement that will have a place for those WEB DESIGN TRENDS promoting the concept. Since everybody is rushing to tempt customers, so pleasing them with an engaging UI will boost the conversions. Give your customers a blend of vibrant colors to sparkle your infographics that will eventually drive them to conversions. Ask for a web design company that could help you stay at the pinnacle of the latest happenings in the web design industry.

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