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It is true that local SEO is the first priority for business owners as it helps them to enhance their marketing efforts. Simply, the success of any local business depends on local SEO. You might not be an expert at SEO, so you would find many inconsistencies in the industry. When it comes to local SEO, a plenty of misconceptions and “myths” come up again and again. Let’s take a look at some of the myths and understand what makes them “wrong”:

“Breaking any Google guideline will result in your rankings being penalized”

If you break some of the Google My Business Guidelines, then soft suspension, or hard suspension can take place. In case, you receive a soft suspension, you will lose the ability to manage your business on Google My Business. When your site is facing soft suspension, the ranking of your listing will not be affected during this time. However, in a hard suspension, your site will be completely removed from the listing. In simple words, all reviews, maps and images will be removed from the listing.

“Your service area impacts where you rank”

Business owners can update their service area in their listing through Google My Business dashboard. This feature is designed to give an indication on how far the business owners are willing to travel to service customers. It’s a common misconception that this information determines ranking of business listing on Google.

“Refer to the Google My Business support for ranking issues”

The GMB support team is active on social media and other platforms. There services are only relevant to provide support regarding the features of Google My Business, not SEO.

“Using a tracking number for your calls will hurt rankings”

It is a false statement. In case, you add a tracking number and regular number to the ‘additional phone’ field, Google will be able to figure out you are same business and therefore avoid any duplicate listing issues.

The Truth About Local SEO

To achieve success in local SEO, you must setup and maintain GMB listing. You are required to collect citations and backlinks. Make sure content on site is clear, accurate, and easily accessible. Ensure your website is mobile friendly. Finally, social media can make a difference. Do not ignore social media, it can help you to boost your conversion rates.

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